Stereografik ingilizcesi

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stereo ingilizcesi

n. system which reproduces sound stereophonically; stereophonic sound; stereoscopic photography; stereoscopic photograph; stereotype, type of metal printing plate (Printing)
adj. of or pertaining to stereophonic sound; of or pertaining to stereoscopic photography
n. stereo, something that is three dimensional
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stereofoni ingilizcesi

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stereofonik ingilizcesi

adj. stereophonic, stereo
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stereografi ingilizcesi

n. stereography
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stereoskop ingilizcesi

[Stereoskop (der) ] n. stereoscope, instrument with two eyepieces that gives a three dimensional-effect to photographs viewed through it
n. stereoscope
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stereoskopik ingilizcesi

adj. stereoscopic, stereoscopical
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stereotipi ingilizcesi

[stereotipare] v. stereotype, categorize as a stereotype
n. stereotype, conventional and oversimplified concept or image
adj. stereotypical, trite cliche, conventional, unoriginal
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