Accomplishment ne demek, nedir ?

Yabancı bir kelime olan (ingilizce) "accomplishment " isim olarak kullanıldığı zaman Türkçe'mizde "başarma, tamamlama, yapma, başarı, beceri, yetenek " gibi anlamlara gelmektedir.

Accomplishment sözlük anlamı nedir

That which completes, perfects, or equips thoroughly; acquirement; attainment; that which constitutes excellence of mind, or elegance of manners, acquired by education or training.

The act of accomplishing; entire performance; completion; fulfillment; as, the accomplishment of an enterprise, of a prophecy, etc.

Accomplishment cümle içinde kullanımı

acquired a through command of the literatures in all three languages, an accomplishment in wich the cosmopolitan literary and scholarly circles of Hilla played

Aaron Klug
Clinic 69 (6): 556. PMID 8189761.  Wakabayashi K (February 1983). "Accomplishment of Dr. Aaron Klug, winner of Nobel prize in chemistry, 1982" (Japanese)

George Emil Palade
(1): D3–7. ISSN 0021-9525. PMID 6345553.  Tashiro, Y (January 1975). "[Accomplishment of Drs. Albert Calude and George E. Palade and the birth of cell biology]"

Budizm kavramları
dàshŏuyìn Jp: daisyuin Vi: đại thủ ấn mahasiddha litt. great spiritual accomplishment. A yogi in Tantric Buddhism, often associated with the highest levels

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