Alın ingilizcesi

[Alin] v. exchange, take, get, buy, receive, accept, take in, seize, capture, conquer, pick up, gain (weight), put on (weight), admit, assume, borrow, collect, come in, divest smb. of, draw, enter on, enter upon, enucleate, excise, extract, fetch, garner
adj. frontal, at the front, pertaining to the forehead
n. forehead, upper part of the face below the hairline and above the eyebrows, brow, front; frontlet, forehead of an animal, tympanum, middle ear (Biology)

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alın teri ingilizcesi

great effort

alın teri dökmek ingilizcesi

to graft (away), to work like a black

alın yazısı ingilizcesi

n. destiny, fate, future course of events

alinazik ingilizcesi

a dish made with eggplant purée and grilled meatballs. –– kebaby see alinazik.

alındı ingilizcesi

n. receipt, acknowledgement, acknowledgment, quittance
v. take offense, take umbrage at, be enrolled, gain admission, resent

alındılı ingilizcesi


alıngan ingilizcesi

adj. swift to take offense, easily offended, touchy, sensitive, fragile, susceptive, susceptible, sore, pettish, petulant, squeamish, stuffy, edgy, irritable, techy, tender, testy, tetchy, ticklish, tickly, umbrageous
n. thin skin, touchiness, tendency to take things personally

alınganlık ingilizcesi

n. touchiness, susceptibility, pettishness, petulance, sensibility, sensitiveness, sensitivity, squeamishness, stuffiness, testiness

alınlık ingilizcesi

fronton, frontal, pediment

alınma ingilizcesi

n. resentment, umbrage

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