Anlam bilimsel ingilizcesi

semantic semantik

peki Anlam bilimsel ne demek ?

anlam ingilizcesi

n. meaning, sense, point, explanation, acceptation, construction, content, denotation, effect, hang, import, inference, purport, purview, significance, significancy, signification, sound, strain, tenor

anlam çıkarmak ingilizcesi

v. get a grip on, infer, judge, make out

anlam vermek ingilizcesi

v. make of

anlama ingilizcesi

n. understanding, knowledge, comprehension, apprehension, appreciation, drift, fathom, grasp, grip, insight, intelligence, prehension, realization, sense, uptake

anlamak ingilizcesi

v. understand, comprehend, figure out, get a grip, be knowledgeable about, get, absorb, appreciate, apprehend, ascertain, catch, catch on, click, compass, conceive, cotton on to, dawn on, deduce, dig, discern, discover, distinguish, fathom, grasp

anlamazlık ingilizcesi

lack of understanding, incomprehension

anlamazlıktan gelmek ingilizcesi

to pretend not to understand

anlambilim ingilizcesi

n. semantics, study of the meaning and use of words and phrases

anlambilimsel ingilizcesi

semantic semantik

anlamdaş ingilizcesi

adj. synonymous, having the same or almost the same meaning (as of a word)