Ape ne demek, nedir ?

Yabancı bir kelime olan (ingilizce) "ape " Türkçe'mizde fiil olarak kullanıldığı zaman "taklit etmek ", isim olarak kullanıldığı zaman "maymun; taklitçi " gibi anlamlara gelmektedir.

Ape sözlük anlamı nedir

To mimic, as an ape imitates human actions; to imitate or follow servilely or irrationally.

A dupe.

One who imitates servilely (in allusion to the manners of the ape); a mimic.

A quadrumanous mammal, esp. of the family Simiadæ, having teeth of the same number and form as in man, and possessing neither a tail nor cheek pouches. The name is applied esp. to species of the genus Hylobates, and is sometimes used as a general term for all Quadrumana. The higher forms, the gorilla, chimpanzee, and ourang, are often called anthropoid apes or man apes.