Bitki ingilizcesi

n. plant, vegetable, herb; wort

peki Bitki ne demek ?

bitkibilim ingilizcesi

n. botany, phytology, branch of biology dealing with plant life

bitkicil ingilizcesi


bitkiler ingilizcesi

n. plant, vegetable, herb; wort

bitkimsi ingilizcesi

plantlike, phytoid.

bitkin ingilizcesi

adj. exhausted, tired, deadbeat, tired to death, worn out, all in, all out, beat, broken down, bushed, dog-tired, drained, drawn, drawn out, drooping, effete, faint, forworn, worn to a frazzle, haggard, jaded, knackered, languorous, overdone
n. tucker out, exhaust, make tired, wear out totally

bitkinlik ingilizcesi

n. exhaustion, weariness, deadness, fag, fatigue, frazzle, languor, lassitude, over fatigue, prostration, staleness

bitkisel ingilizcesi

adj. vegetal, herbal, vegetative, vegetable, galenic

bitkisel yağ ingilizcesi

n. vegetable tallow