Genelgeçerlik ingilizcesi

general acceptance.

peki Genelgeçerlik ne demek ?

genel ingilizcesi

adj. general, public, broad, common, collective, across the board, blanket, Catholic, exoteric, generic, grand, liberal, overhead, plenary, prevailing, prevalent, running, sweeping, widespread

genel af ingilizcesi

n. Amnesty, oblivion, act of oblivion, general pardon

genel ev ingilizcesi

n. brothel, bordello, bordel, bawdyhouse, call house, disorderly house, house of ill fame, house of ill repute, whorehouse [sl.], bagnio, stew

genel gider ingilizcesi

general expenses

genel grev ingilizcesi

n. general strike

genel kurmay ingilizcesi

n. general staff, group of military officers whose function it is assist commanders in planning and carrying out orders

genel kurul ingilizcesi

n. plenary session, plenum

genel müdür ingilizcesi

n. general manager, director general, president

genel sekreter ingilizcesi

n. secretary general
n. secretaries general

genelde ingilizcesi

adv. generally, usually, in general, mostly, altogether, largely, for the most part, normally, ordinarily, generally speaking