Hitherto ne demek, nedir ?

Yabancı bir kelime olan (ingilizce) "hitherto " zarf olarak kullanıldığı zaman Türkçe'mizde "şimdiye kadar, bugüne kadar " gibi anlamlara gelmektedir.

Hitherto sözlük anlamı nedir

Up to this time; as yet; until now.

To this place; to a prescribed limit.

Hitherto cümle içinde kullanımı

James Francis Stephens
A systematic Catalogue of British insects: being an attempt to arrange all the hitherto discovered indigenous insects in accordance with ...

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Kırım-Kongo kanamalı ateşi
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xcix: "Frankland and Lockyer find the yellow prominences to give a very decided bright line not far from D, but hitherto not identified ...

Ateist olduğu bilinen kişiler listesi
"A reader who has suffered me so far will have realised how much of my mental energy had been hitherto absorbed in a fruitless search for ...

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